Top 10 Best Android Apps to Track Lost Android Mobile

Best apps to track lost android mobile; Imagine if you buy an expensive android phone, you store your important photos,videos,contacts, docs in it and he lost ? You do not have any way of finding your lost phone ? Very horrible….
So as like me, you would definitely like to protect your Android phone before it happen to you.

In this post you will find 10 best apps to track lost android mobile phone. These apps may help you to track lost android mobile phone and provides you current location notifications with various methods like – GPS , SMS, Email etc. Some apps are free, some are paid and some have both option (Free and Paid versions). So here we go ….

1) Lookout Mobile Security :

Look outThis awesome application provides all in one security to your android phone. Its a combination of great antivirus and a perfect security application to track lost android mobile phones. Lookout security come with very handy features like -

  • Find and track lost android mobile phones feature that can find your phone location on a Google Map instantly from Lookout, you must have an account on to use this feature. You may also lock your phone from Lookout account remotely (Only for premium users).
  • Backup and restore feature that automatically make a backup of your phone on server that can we  restore to your existing or new phone or tablet from your account. It secure you picture and call history too.
  • Antivirus security that scan your device to remove viruses and spyware. Its Safe browsing feature scans every URL to protect your device from various hacking methods like Fishing, Malware etc.

You may download it from here.


2) SeekDroid :

seek droidAfter reading comments and review of its users and using it our self, we are including this awesome app in our apps list. Although its features are like other apps in this list, but it have great performance. Its paid version have more features then free version.See some of its features -

  •  Locate and track lost android mobile device via GPS and Control Multiple devices under one account at its offical website.
  • Remotely Enable GPS
  • Display its location on a map with history.
  •  Track the device using breadcrumbs.
  • Get notified if the device has left a fenced in area.
  • Text Messaging support
  • Works without a SIM Card

You may download it from here.

3) Android Lost :

Android lostAndroid lost is a simple to use but the best security application that can find and track lost android mobile.This application also gives you ability to control your device via Internet , SMS, Email etc.You will have to sign in to if you want to control your phone over internet.Here is a list of its features - read sent and received SMS messages, wipe phone, lock phone, erase SD card, locate by GPS or network, start alarm with flashing screen, send SMS from web page, message popup, forward calls, remote install, remote SMS alarm, remote SMS lock and unlock, remote SMS erase SD card, remote SMS wipe phone, remote SMS APN control, start/stop GPS, start/stop WIFI, hide from launcher, email when SIM card is changed, get call list, take picture with front camera, take picture with rear camera, make your phone speak with text-to-speech, SMS message command, SMS speak command, lock timeout, restore settings on boot, record sound from microphone, start and stop data connection from SMS, start and stop WIFI connection from SMS, content browser prototype.

You may download it from here.


4) AVG Antivirus :

AVG antivirusAnother best mobile application to track lost android mobile, that can tell you location of your lost or stolen phone via Google Maps™ and also secure it from virus and trojans.It can scan your phone’s apps, settings, files, and media in real time. Its gives you ability to lock or wipe your phone to protect your privacy. As like the application above, it also provide safe browsing feature. Task killer is another great feature of this application. AVG antivirus comes with Free and Paid version.

You may download it from here.


5) Anti Droid Theft :

Anti Droid TheftAnti theft , protect against misplaced as well as stolen mobile phones . It monitor your cell phone with GPS . This application not only monitor its location but also work as  Spy camera to view pictures taken from phone’s camera you can see those taken pictures using the web through the Anti Droid Theft web site at www .antidroidtheft .com . It also gives you ability to track lost android mobile when someone change SIM card in your stolen / lost  phone.

You may download it from here.


6) Wheres My Droid :

wheres my droidAs like other application above, this application may also obtain the GPS position via  Google maps if you’re not close to your phone to listen to the ringer. Some awesome features of this app – You may find phone by making it ring or vibrate, Find phone location using GPS, Control from your phone from, Password protection to prevent unauthorized app access, Notification on SIM card change, Stealth Mode hides incoming text with attention word etc…

You may download it from here.


7) Plan B :

Plan BThis simple application track lost android mobile and send you location of your mobile phone to your email address. It start sending you location just after installation, and keep updating phone location for every 10 min. When you install it, Plan B will start locating your phone using cell towers and GPS.

You may download it from here.


8) Prey Anti-Theft :

pray anti theftThis is an Open source, cross-platform anti-theft tracker application. That can track stolen or missing android device or tablet. Some of its feature are - GPS tracking and WiFi geo-location, phone detection when SIM change, SMS or Push activation  (On Demand), phone lock features, loud alarm sound and alert messages to user.

You may download it from here.


9) Anti Theft Droid LITE :

anti theft droid liteThis application let you control your android via its official web site, it inform you about phone location using NETWORK (Approximate) and GPS (Exact).It have auto start feature to start GPS if it is off and also automatically activates WiFi network Your phone can be visualized on a map.It can track lost android mobile and returns phone information to the site.

You may download it from here.


10) Comodo Anti Theft :

comodo anti theftAs like all the application above, this application can trace your phone on Google map and Sends an automatic SMS (when sim change) on the phone number that you set while setting up the application on your phone. This application also have phone lock and privacy protection feature.

You may download it from here.


Although we have included all best application to track lost android mobile in our list, but your experience and test may be different, so try these apps and tell us what you think of them…

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