6 Free Android Apps You Can’t Miss

6 free android apps you can’t miss; Android Google Play has scored success with the prevalence of android devices, which is practically comparable with the previously dominating apple app store. One of the most notable features of android market is that there are heaps of apps showing splendid performances but offered free of charge. Now let’s check those free android apps the majority are using.Here are 6 free android apps you can’t miss-

Ovotimer :

free android appsYes, Ovo timer comes first in our list of free android apps, which is such a marvelous timer that tons of people need it badly.
Super-slight, no ads, simple, pretty and precise. Although it does not sit in the notifications bar as some people expect, that’s how it works.

You may download it here.

Pocket :

pocketPocket aims to make people “view it later”, which automatically syncs content (webpage) previously added among android mobiles, tablets and computers. It used to be the No. 1 paid news app (for Android platform) while you can now get it for free. Cheers!

Well-composed articles or awesome videos, whatever you have got online can be pocketed. Combine it with a feed reader, pick out the good titles, tap “Add to Pocket” on your android device and read them later.

You may download it here.

Flipboard :

FlipboardFlipboard empowers you to subscribe to and view Social & World news from sources ranging from Twitter to USA Today on your android gadget. You are able to get the news to your taste within moments since content is shown in one place with classified groups. It is connected to up to 12 social networks, which makes it easy to share your likes and experiences with your friends.

You may download it here.

Instagram :

instagramIt is said that around 100 million users are using Instagram app, which offers an efficient and engaging way to make and share photos. Customize your pics, share them with your friends within seconds and follow your friends on Facebook, Twitter and G + in the same way. It would be better if there are tips available regarding how to take a good photo on it.

You may download it here.

Any Do To-do List :

anydoThis is undoubtedly a handy app which enables users to write down to-do list under an amazing interface. In addition, Any Do supports a collection of functions including cloud sync, Google Task Sync, speech recognition, Notes, Subtasks, Missed call, Auto complete, Gesture support and the like. As an all-in-one app, it shows smooth performance in almost every aspect. This title is near-perfect in some people’s view!

You may download it here.


tedTED, supported by Sony, offers over 1200 videos and audios from some of the world’s most outstanding persons flaring in diversified fields. It is an easy-to-use app recommended by thousands of android users with its awesome content and robust properties. It will be a big loss for you, if you haven’t yet experienced TED.

This post primarily talks about those android apps with functional features, thus popular games like Agent Dash, Temple Run and Angry Birds haven’t been covered. If you are interested in this respect, feel free to go to Google play and search for it.

You may download it here.


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