6 Simple Strategies to Enhancing Site Credibility

You have put up a website to connect with customers and promote brand awareness.Yet you’re having troubles increasing traffic on your site. Is it possible that people just do not believe your words? But you’re in for real business.

Site Credibility is earned overtime. It isn’t going to be easy as results largely depend on consumer perception. It is only natural for people to be extra inquisitive and cynical about what they read and see. Nowadays, you do not right away believe information even when it is published in a credible medium such as newspapers, right? Consumers have become wiser than ever.

With that, remember these essentials as you build and enhance your website.

Share easily-relatable testimonials :

Consumers are after concrete statements they can vouch for.Sweet words wouldn’t work here. Consumers prefer to see proof than hear promises. Your clients probably would not mind sharing experiences with readers if it is true that they are highly satisfied. Then link their testimonials to their respective personal sites. People shall believe their fellow consumers.

Connect with consumers :

Step out of anonymity.

You would not mind getting associated with the brand and being recognized by consumers if you are confident about what you’re saying. Provide your contact details. Or perhaps you have got an inspiring story about your business. Share it. The more human side you’re showing, the more at ease people will feel transacting with you.

Offer compensation for dissatisfied clients :

The simple fact that your clients choose you over other providers is already a big accomplishment. However, you still need to reassure these people that they will be compensated should they end up dissatisfied. This is also to minimize reluctance that potential customers might feel about doing business with you.

Notice how food chains promise freebies for late deliveries? In a way, this is also challenging yourself to commit to your words. While customer complaints are crucial to improving services, you would want to keep it on a minimal rate.

Share figures :

It will be easier to attract consumers if your site provides concrete evidence that your brand is trusted.

Numbers register in the mind faster than words. Go to the details and include statistics instead of saying that your client base is continuously expanding.

Beef up content :

Producing a powerful, informative content shall help you gain followers.

It is not enough that you have something to say. You should be able to express it simply so readers would easily understand. Be cautious as well with promising too much. Customers might only get disappointed. Be realistic with what customers can expect from you and then let them experience an over-service during their transactions with you.

To help your site  earn publicity, do guest posts. Offer tips. Help make consumers lives better. Welcome guest bloggers too. You can use the exchange of links to increase traffic on your site.

Integrate social media buttons :

Create social accounts and link your website to it. This is useful in increasing your site’s exposure. Readers can easily share with their followers any post from your site that they find interesting and valuable. Maintaining social networking accounts also allows you interact with customers real time. Seize that opportunity toward building positive image.


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