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Will Japanese SmartPhones Really survive ?

The biggest growing business in the world is the technology and smartphone business. It is by far the biggest and best way that many companies make their money, 10 years ago Japan was known as one of the leaders in the advanced mobile phone sector with new internet capability amongst other things that were rare […]

Brilliant Mobile Phone Apps Everyone Needs

Smart phones have become the trend these days, mainly because they can do a lot of tasks and can serve as a mini-computer. You can view documents on them, play games, send emails, call friends, take pictures and play high definition videos. All of this can be done from a device which will fit the […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 is now available in Seven Colours: An Overview

Samsung is a huge spree of extending its Samsung Galaxy S4 family. There are been several carrier models of the Samsung Galaxy S4 already in the market, even then the company plans to put more in the pack of the rest. S4 Overview: You are aware of the fact that Samsung Galaxy S4 is one […]

Iphone vs Android Which Is the Best For You?

There are many great smartphones which are available on the market. Android phones and iPhones are considered as the most popular mobile phones all over the world. Both phones have many great features. Some people may find that it is very difficult to differentiate between the iPhone and the Android phone. In this article, there […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Images leaked Online

Samsung certainly knows how to keep their customers happy by launching smartphones at every size and price with powerful combination hardware. Samsung’s latest flagship- Galaxy S4 is expected to break sales records and give a tough competition to Apple iPhone and even other Android flagship like HTC One and Sony Xperia Z. But, Samsung knows […]

Why Does iPhone Attract More Mobile Gamers?

What is it about the iPhone that makes it so popular? Is it the sleek, stylish and trendy look? What about its lightning fast speed and responsiveness? You can’t forget the bright display and plethora of apps and games for the iPhone, either. We like to think all of these features play a role in […]