Five Important Steps to Your SEO Campaign

Five important steps to your SEO campaign; I remember when a marketing campaign included flyers, pamphlets, phone calls and newspaper and magazine adverts. How things have changed over the years, business owners now need to have an online marketing campaign in place and this isn’t even enough to ensure success. An SEO campaign is crucial to your online marketing campaign.

What Do You Want to Achieve ?

The first step in your campaign should be what you want to achieve. Are you selling products and want a profitable business or are you promoting yourself to increase your workload? Everyone has different reasons for promoting themselves or their business online, but through a good SEO campaign, you can be highly successful, dominating your online market and targeting your audience.

Knowing what you want to achieve through your SEO campaign can change your website goals, this is why you need to have this in place from the onset. When you start planning your site, go through the five important steps of an SEO campaign and you will be able to tailor your site accordingly.

How to Market Yourself ?

As I have already said the way we market our businesses today has changed so much thanks to the Internet and fast broadband speeds. Everything is done online now; the customers buy online, they search online and they find everything they need on the Internet and have it delivered to your door.

It’s very seldom you find people wandering from store to store anymore when searching for a product if they can find it, compare prices, order and have it delivered within twenty four hours in some cases. It saves time, energy and petrol money.

This is why you need to decide from the start how you intend marketing yourself. Of course you will need a great website, but what about blogs to increase interest? Social media is a high draw card and then there is how your web pages are worded to maximize your exposure and improve your ranking in the big search engines such as Google.

Do You Know Your Audience ?

choosing-an-seo-companyYou will need to do target audience research before you start any marketing campaigns. Knowing your target audience and how to market to them can ensure your success. That being said if you know your audience is young and hip then designing a young and hip website with interesting blogs that will interest that audience is what you need to do to increase your website traffic.

Your website and SEO content should all be targeted at your specific audience, when writing blogs think of things that will interest your market whether younger or older. The website should be designed so it’s easy to navigate and filled with great SEO to ensure success in search engines.

Do you Review your Results :

SEO doesn’t take place overnight, it’s something that is worked on but once you get to the top five ranking in search engine results, you will start to see the success as your website traffic increases and overall sales improve.

Review your results regularly, take into account your website traffic, if this is diminishing over a couple of months, it’s time to make some changes to your campaign. Through regular review you are able to stay on top of your marketing efforts, changing them where necessary and constantly drawing those new customers to your site.

What is the Importance of Updates :

I honestly cannot stress enough the importance of updates. Your social media accounts should be updated a minimum of once a day to keep the interest there and ensure that your customers remember your name.

Your blog needs to be updated regularly, without regular updates your customers and readers are going to lose interest and stop visiting your blog.

That being said, guest blogging is a fantastic way to bring in some fresh ideas and information as it reduces the amount of time you need to spend writing and introduces your business to a wider audience but with SEO.

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