Free Smartphone Apps that are Good to Have

In case that you are sometimes feeling as if you’re not exploring the full potential of your iPhone 4 or Galaxy Nexus it might be useful to every once in a while check what other people are using. You might be surprised at the number of things that you’ll discover that you never knew you needed. This list is basically meant to give you a general idea of the variety of things these smartphone apps can help you with.

Siri/Google Now :

Depending on the choice of your platform, iOS or Android, you should definitely get one of these. Basically, both apps are able to give you a ton of useful information on the weather at your location, traffic conditions, restaurants, and anything else that might be of interest to you. This is not to say that they only give location based information, their main purpose is to act as a digital personal assistant, help you organize your schedule, and present all the information that you might need in a way that best suits your requirements. Both apps answer to voice commands and can come in incredibly handy in a great number of situations.

Kindle :

This app will allow you to browse a great selection of ebooks, papers and magazines, view samples and make purchases. There are plenty of books or magazines that are completely free and available to you in the perfectly organized Kindle reader. The reader is optimized for smaller screens and very comfortable to work with, so you will have a pleasant reading experience even if you don’t have a tablet or a smartphone with a particularly large display. Kindle is available both on iOS and Android.

Skype :

There are probably not a lot of people out there who don’t know what Skype is, but this app, which is available on all major platforms, definitely deserves a mention on this list. Skype lets you talk, video chat or IM with people from any part of the world that has a decent enough internet connection. As of recently, Skype and Microsoft Messenger have been merged so you can easily use your Messenger account on this app and stay in touch with your contacts.

Evernote :

Apps markets for smartphones of any platform are cluttered with note making apps, which are usually quite similar in their base concepts with just a few distinguishing features, so it says a lot about the app if it manages to get all the glory with that many competitors around. Evernote is simply a very well organized app that lets you handle your notes with ease and structure them in a comprehensible way. It can be used simply as a reminder, but it is complex enough to be able to help you do research, or gather larger amounts of data that can be accessible in just a couple of steps.

Dropbox :

Dropbox is a cloud storage app that gives you 2 GB of free storage space when you make an account. Since you can use it from any PC, tablet or smartphone, it provides you with a great way to synchronize the files on your devices, and have everything that you might need accessible from any device that you currently have access to. You just have to log in to your account, and the files in your storage can be shared, downloaded, viewed or modified.

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