How To Design SEO Friendly Website – CMS Web Design To Help SEO

how to design SEO friendly websiteHow To Design SEO Friendly Website; Writing effective SEO friendly content is one of the most important aspects of link building. But it is not all about placing the target keywords within the body of the text or hyper linking certain anchor texts to other websites!!

An effective CMS web design is responsible to generate content that will be capable to get links from external websites or sources. To sum up, the content of your website should be optimized in such a way so that it is enough capable to attract the readers.

Well, here are some tips to create CMS web design that will help you in terms of SEO of your website:

1. Put relevant content – Search engines can easily recognize the Web Pages which don’t present what they are supposed to. Hence, it is advisable to put only relevant content in your websites in order to avoid the chances of losing ranks or even being banned. Since the search engines identify the website content with the help of the keywords, you need to do a thorough research on the keywords that are closely associated with the topic.

2. Right Placement of keywords – Since it has been proven that people tend to stick to the upper portion of websites, consider placing the keywords at a larger density towards the top of your article. If your website is about moving agency make sure that the key phrase is mentioned in the title as well as in the first sentence. Try not to use any synonyms for moving agency till the second or the third paragraph of your article. Sometimes, it might seem to be difficult to place the popular keywords in the article but they cannot be skipped altogether.

3. Readability – While writing the content you should keep in mind that the article is meant for the readers and not only for the search engines. Though the right placement of the keywords is important in terms of getting higher ranking, it is desirable that the readers are offered quality content to go through. Make sure that the flow of the article is not disturbed due to abrupt placement of the keywords. In fact the entire task should be handled with an ease so that the content and the keywords are arranged in a complementary manner.

4. Right arrangement of content – Always remember that users don’t like to read large, never ending paragraphs; moreover these kinds of paragraphs make your website look boring as a result of which readers don’t even go through the entire article, resulting into an increased bounce rate. To make your article readable try to restrict the sizes of the paragraphs within 4 to 5 lines; use bullets and numbering for “Tips to” type articles. If required divide the content into several sub headings so that the readers can easily scan the page and point out the exact information what he is searching for.

4. Avoid Repetitions – Sometimes writers tend to reiterate the facts in order to make it clearer to the readers; but it should be kept in mind that repetitive content irritates the readers and make them disinterested about the website. Hence, the content should be enough informative so that it adds value to the readers.


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