Best Blogging Tips for Online Bloggers in 2013

Best blogging tips for online bloggers in 2013; If you have plans to start your blog in 2013, you have a huge mountain to climb. If you’ve not yet noticed, already there is high competition online. Whether you are in rafting, affiliate marketing, knitting, basketball, or handicraft, you’ll find a blog dedicated to the subject.

If you already have a blog that isn’t doing well, you may have to put in lots of efforts to turn around that blog and bring in traffic to compete with big boys. This is not meant to discourage you, but it’s to make you aware that blogging has now completely changed. We are providing few blogging tips for 2013 that will assist you in starting or reviving your old blog so that you can climb to the top within a short time.

Research other blogs in your niche and link with them :

Once you’ve finalized your niche, you must research on the top blogs in that specific niche. You can use the information provided in those blogs. However, keep all the fluff out, and each work you write should have a solid reason why it was written. Never COPY the work, use information from here and there until you have a high quality informational piece. Link to the blogs you borrow content from, as they may possibly have high PR and you will benefit from it.

Don’t forget the videos and images :

High quality videos and images can take care of SEO aspect of your blog and can enrich your blog with superior content, and add to your reader’s experience on your blog. They will return for more again! Use keywords in Meta and alt tags and opt for high quality and nothing else. However, add only few videos and images to each post for best results.

SEO is definitely not dead and will always be a primary focus :

Earlier the blogs used to be all about top rankings on search engines for niche keywords, and everything revolved around keywords. However, now in 2013 it has all changed. Now you will notice that there is no conversion unless your offer top-notch content!

You can use key phrases and keywords for ranking, but you must write with reader in mind.

Social media is important :

Once you’ve written your blogs and have checked them for quality and errors, you must submit them on social media sites to your followers. The biggest blogging tip for this year is to go social with your blogs. Search engines are now turning to social media to know what’s popular and if you offer excellent content, you will rule the search engine result pages.

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