Samsung Galaxy S4 is now available in Seven Colours: An Overview

Samsung is a huge spree of extending its Samsung Galaxy S4 family. There are been several carrier models of the Samsung Galaxy S4 already in the market, even then the company plans to put more in the pack of the rest.

S4 Overview:

You are aware of the fact that Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of the best models released by the company yet.  This smart phone has only led the company’s shares to reach the heights that the company has never imagined. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is still popular among the masses, the smart phone is kind of expensive but then again it worth the price it is tagged at for the Samsung Galaxy S4 is power packed with features and specifications that are just too good.

Samsung is just raising its bars when it comes to shares in the stock market. There are several smart phones available in the market that the company Samsung is releasing in the market, besides the other models like the Galaxy Note III which is a hybrid between a smart phone and a tablet, the Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom which is a hybrid of the Samsung Galaxy Camera and the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini, now Samsung is putting up a new idea of releasing its most successful Samsung Galaxy S4 in five more colors making the whole series a vibrant range of seven different colors.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 sales have already crossed 100 million units and the smart phone also topped the list of the most number of smart phones sold in the market. Samsung has made use of the best of technology for its Samsung Galaxy S4, the smart phone houses really great feature that distinguishes it from the other smart phones in the market.

New Colours:

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is now available in the following colors:

  1. Blue Artic
  2. Red Aurora
  3. Purple Mirage
  4. Brown Autumn
  5. Pink Twilight
  6. Black Mist
  7. White Frost

And then you have already come across the White Mist and the Black Frost colors that the smart phone that was launched with. Therefore the Samsung Galaxy S4 now comes in seven colors therefore you have more options to choose from.

The features that the smart phone is equipped with are quite note-worthy, there is no doubt that or the smart phone would not sell in the market as much.


Here is a highlight of the features that smart phone sports a neatly designed 5 inch full HD screen with a resolution of 1080 pixels and the pixel per inch density that the smart phone comes with 441. The Samsung Galaxy S4 has the best of specifications for the display there is no doubt about that.

It is quite clear when you notice the pixel per inch density, the clarity that the smart phone delivers is just amazing and the Galaxy S4 also offers sharp and clear image quality therefore you would have no problems if you have to watch a video or images. What you see is what you get, the quality of the images id just unbeatable.


The smart phone is power packed as well, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is mounted on a 1.6 GHz Exynos Octa-core processor with a 2GB RAM powered by the Android 4.1.2 Jellybean from Google, the operating system especially designed for smart phones. Just think about the power that the smart phone houses under its hood with an Octa-care processor just powers the smart phone and moreover the performance becomes all smoother for the Samsung Galaxy S4.

There have not been any complaints from the consumers with regard to the performance of the smart phone, no lags, no hang ups; the only thing the Samsung Galaxy S4 offers is smooth performance.


Samsung cameras have always been the best among the cameras for mobile handset, the cameras that the company has been manufacturing for smart phones and mobile phones as always been the best and moreover the lens and the output that the smart phone delivers is just out of the box. The Samsung Galaxy S4 features image stabilization, geo tagging, auto focus and dual LED flashlight. Moreover the Samsung Galaxy S4 sports an incredible 13 Mega Pixel camera as the primary camera and then a 2 Mega Pixel front facing camera.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 features dual shot, a feature by the smart phone that allows you to use both the front and the rear camera simultaneously at the same time but then again that is not all, there is more than the smart phone is offering. Samsung has never let it customers down when it comes to features and specifications. The Samsung Galaxy S4 also features eraser shot where you remove the photo bombs from the pictures you have snapped and there is also Cinema Photo another feature that gives a cinematic look to your smart phone.

Game Plan:

The recent reports from the market spoke of the smart phone losing down on the number of units sold and that is the reason the company tried this plan of launching the smart phone is different colors.

This drop in the number of units sold would not affect the company’s shares for there have tremendous sales for the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and now the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom and the ruggedized version of the S4, being the Samsung Galaxy S4 Activ there would be no issues with the shares that the company has to handle.

To add on to it, as a cherry on the cake, is most awaited Samsung Galaxy Note III that is coming up soon, this phablet has been on the most anticipated list among the masses. The release of the phablet is would make a change in the stock market for sure as the rumored specifications seems really fascinating and then it carries the brand name called Samsung, the brand that has created a whole new trend in the market.

People are now waiting for the release of the smart phones and the phablets with bated breath and the Samsung Galaxy S4 and its carrier models will surely shake the markets again.

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