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The WordPress platform with its best WordPress plugins is among the most applied CMS platform on the planet mainly because people can simply control and also setup it for there blog and even to build a web site , but many of them usually do not get good quality website traffic that they truly worth,simply because they failed to enhance there WordPress system in relation to SEO. So if you are likely to set up a web site or blog choosing WordPress platform , it is best to bear in mind to optimize it correctly . The WordPress platform have a “Plugin” capability that will make easy to complete all of the activities and to improve the performance.

Here we are picking best WordPress plugins for the Year 2013 to boost up your website ranking, and to secure your WordPress website. We have used these best WordPress plugins on our many blogs and found much better results.  These plugin will also help you to boost your website ranking in Google and other major search engines.

Best WordPress plugins


1. Yoast WordPress SEO :

yoast SEO

This is one of the most rated WordPress SEO plugin that gives you lots of option to optimize your WordPress in terms of SEO. This is at the top of our best WordPress plugins list because It gives you ability to complete many SEO related tasks such as – Optimizing Meta Tags, Creating XML Sitemap, Ability to Edit .htaccess File Directly From The Dashboard, Social Media Integration, Internal Linking management, RSS Feed Optimization, and lots of others tasks. Its on the top of all SEO related plugin, just for its better results. So we can say that its a “Must have” plugin.
You may download this best WordPress plugin here.

2. WPtouch :


You WordPress website can get you more traffic and value if it is visible on mobile device too. Near about 55% internet users use mobile phone to browse website. You loose those visitors if your website is not mobile friendly. Here is a great WordPress plugin which creates a mobile version of your WordPress website. Its awesome option gives you ability to control the theme and advertisement of you mobile version website.
You may download this best WordPress plugin here.

3. Featured Post with thumbnail :

featured post

By using this plugin you may put a “Featured post” box in widgets areas, this is beneficial for getting high page views from the users. It helps readers to find featured post on your blog and also help crawlers to index other posts.
You may download this best WordPress plugin here.

4. Nrelate Related Content :

Nrelate Related Content

This plugin analyzes your website content and displays other related posts from your website. It helps you to achieve higher page views from your readers and gives them a better user experience. It may also helpful to crawler to crawl your other blog posts.
You may download this best WordPress plugin here.

5. W3 Total Cache :

w3 total cache

Some times your website takes time to load because of template which use a lots of css and js files, heavy graphics and images, but remember website loading speed is one the biggest issue in Search Engine Optimization. According to Google’s Panda and Penguin updates, it may affect your ranking in Google. If your website takes time to load then it may harm your ranking, so why don’t we use a cache plugin ? W3 Total Cache is a best solution for this problem. W3 Total Cache improved conversion rates and website performance, reduce page load time by caching some elements, improves your server performance, optimize progressive render etc. So as recommended by many famous web hosts and websites, we would also recommend it to you.
You may download this best WordPress plugin here.

6. cbnet Ping Optimizer :


Pinging is a good feature of WordPress. It inform ping services about your new blog post which results a quick post indexing in search engines. Pinging is good but it may be bad too. On WordPress if you edit or update a existing post, it sends a ping again. If your blog pings unnecessarily every time you edit a post then it may harm your blog reputation and raking and also save your blog getting banned from ping services, so here is a cbnet Ping Optimizer for you. cbnet Ping Optimizer pings only when you makes new blog post and it won’t send any unnecessary ping when you edit or update existing post.
You may download this best WordPress plugin here.

7. AskApache Google 404 :


Your blog or website generates “404 Not found” errors time to time due to some bad links and wrong typed URLs. Have lots of 404 errors may force you to think about your website ranking. Google also do not like websites with lots of 404 errors. AskApache Google 404 display Search Engine Optimized Error page by using Google search API’s, some AJAX and few optimizing tricks.
You may download this best WordPress plugin here.

8. WP-Optimize :


To  achieve good search ranking, your website should performance well and for this your database server should perform well for your website. If your database server is optimize then it will work with your website like a hot knife on butter ;) . WP-Optimizer allow you to optimize your database from your WordPress dashboard, you don’t need to login to phpMyAdmin to do it.
You may download this best WordPress plugin it here.

9. Broken Link Checker :


Broken internal or external linking get your website reputation down. It also leave a bad effect on search engines as well as your blog readers. So its very important to find those broken links and fix them. Broken link checker notify you if found any broken link or missing image or any missing file in your posts, comments and other content.
You may download this best WordPress plugin here.

10. Google Analytics Dashboard :

google analytics

This plugin is very useful to keep track your website ranking and performance. It allow you to access to your Google Analytics data directly inside your WordPress blog dashboard so that you can see the bad and the good factors about your WordPress website.
You may download this best WordPress plugin here.

11. WP About Author :

about authir

May be you already have heard about “Google Authorship” system.. We use Google authorship system to claim a blog post. A claimed blog post comes with the picture of the Author in Google search results. A claimed blog post can achieve you increased CTR in search results.With WP About Author plugin you may easily implement authorship system on your website.
You may download this best WordPress plugin here.

12. SEO Smart Links :

SEO Smart Links

This plugin is useful to get the juice of deep internal linking which gives a good effect in terms of SEO. This plugin automatically links keywords and phrases in your posts and comments with related posts, pages, categories and tags on your blog. It also allow you set up your own keywords and set of matching URLs.
You may download this best WordPress plugin here.

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