The Biggest SEO Myths – You Must Know

There is an incredible amount of search engine optimization information about them the Internet these days. One thing that you should know about many common SEO myths is that there’s got to be someone that is usually profiting from them.

What you can’t do however is educate yourself on common search engine optimization myths so that you’ll be able to separate fact from fiction. The following are some very common SEO myths that you’ll run into concerning search engine optimization.

SEO myths :

The first myth that you should know about is that Site-wide linking is going to benefit your website. If you decide to put a link on every page of your website you’re really doing nothing to help your website. All it will do is make it look like the website is simply content thrown up in order to gain website rankings. Putting as many links as you can on each page of your website can also end up causing your website to be ignored. In order to get the best results you will want to put a single think in a prime position on your website.

PageRank is largely irrelvant when it comes to SEO, when your attempting to obtain links from other websites for link building, you should be look at getting links from high quality sites with good, unique content rather than sites that solely have a high PR. If you look closely at search results you will frequently see sites with low or 0 pagerank outranking those with high PR.

Another myth concerning search engine optimization that you should be aware of is that of putting as many meta tags on your website is possible. While these are a very fancy school for those that are creating web site they can result in a spamming tactic that has now been voided by a lot of search engines you may want to consider using Meta robot tags in order to have more control in regards to spider access.

One very big SEO myths that you should be made aware of is that anything you do in regards to search engine optimization will provide you with instantaneous results and that you’ll be successful immediately. No matter what to do in regards to search engine optimization it will take some time for you to see some successful results.

You should never believe that there are any search engine optimization tricks or tips that can help you gain success immediately or that will help you gain great results in a short amount of time. You must really understand that you’re doing when it comes to search engine optimization and even then it will take you some time to become successful.

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  1. Kratika Porwal says:

    Hey Prashant
    Thank you for overcoming my problems regarding the myths. As I am a also an SEO professional would like to add as the SEO 2013 era is booming and the recent link baiting technique can also work better to add traffic to your website. This is the way to get attraction of users by various useful content about your product.

  2. Lisa Chaves says:

    Very well said Prashant. It’s not always guaranteed that if you link to high PR site though irrelevant to your niche would boost your rankings. Linking to relevant sites and your competitor’s backlinks are more substantial to your site.

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