Top 4 Tips on How to Promote Blogs Online

Top 4 tips on how to promote blogs online; Many online entrepreneurs and marketers today prefer blogging as a crucial and probable part of their marketing strategy. However, some of them always think that in order to get more traffic, they just have to spend most of their time blogging, creating longer blog posts, or creating blogs with beautiful graphics.

Promote BlogsSuch bloggers end up creating blogs that cannot catch the attention of even a single visitor or reader. This is the reason as to why every blogger needs to develop some vital strategies to Promote blogs, which will help him promote his blog. The following are some of the best strategies that can help bloggers in promoting their blogs:

1. Communicating With the Readers or Visitors :

To promote blogs, One of the best ways through which a blogger can increase traffic to his blog is by communicating with the readership on a regular basis. For effective communication, a blogger should give his visitors an option of subscribing to his blog through email. To create a good relationship, the blogger should be able to offer positive responses to comments or questions coming from his subscribers at all times. He should also post regular updates and thank his subscribers for their participation and positive comments.

The blogger can also create short audio interviews to connect with his subscribers on a deeper level. As long as the blogger writes and talks about what he understands best, his subscribers will view him as a professional and will be very interested in his posts. The interviews can also be recorded and offered to potential readers or subscribers as an incentive before they sign up to the blogger’s email list so that they can know him better and start following his blog.

2. Commenting on Other People’s Blogs :

Many bloggers are always afraid of commenting on other people’s blogs thinking that it is a waste of time or that it can prevent them from getting traffic for their own blogs. Well, this is not true because when a blogger comments positively on other people’s blogs, they will not only be happy, but they will also be interested in knowing more about him and sharing more ideas with him. Whenever a blogger leaves comments on other blogs, he should also provide the link leading to his blog for interested readers to follow. If his comments are very meaningful and informative, he will definitely get traffic for his blog.

Here is how a blogger can leave comments on other people’s websites:

  • Step 1: Look for a post or blog that is related to his content
  • Step 2: Get an idea of what the post is talking about by going through it
  • Step 3: Comment positively on different useful points talked about in the post
  • Step 4: Add more relevant information that is not talked about in the post. This is very important as it will show the readers that the blogger has a clear idea of what he is talking about and he can be able to give them more vital information in his own blog.

3. Creating Contests :

Everyone is always looking for a chance to get something good for free. Therefore, it is a very good idea for a blogger to create contests giving away valuable rewards. Depending on the nature of the contest, the reward can be an eBook, an electronic gadget, or important software. The more the blogger keeps his subscribers engaged in the contests, the more he drives traffic to his blog. He should have the subscribers sign up to his newsletter so that he can send them the results of every contest through email. Once he has them on his email list, he can get in touch with them repeatedly to ensure that they are regular visitors.

4. Writing Press Releases :

Press releases are not only easy to write, but also play a major role in prompting blogs. They are very capable of ranking high in major search engines. Many bloggers may not have known it, but a single press release can take a blog to the first page of a search engine and create increased awareness about the blog. Press releases can also catch the attention of mainstream media outlets looking for unique content.

By putting all the above strategies in proper use, bloggers will definitely get the much-needed traffic for their blogs and enjoy the fruits of their hard work in the comfort of their homes or offices.

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