Top 5 Free SEO Tools for Website or Blog

Free SEO Tools; SEO strategy can be immensely complicated in today’s world of the advanced Google algorithms. While SEO has always been known as the “free” internet marketing medium, staying savvy and advanced can actually involve some serious financial investment. But what if you’re the do it yourself, all inclusive marketing manager for your company?

You want to get some of that old school, blood sweat and tears SEO traffic result! Fear not friend, there are still some excellent FREE SEO tools that will give you the edge to improving your site’s SEO Fast. Check out this short list of some of the best free SEO tools that are just waiting for you… :


The basic value of PR Checker is very clear: it will give you the Google “Page Rank” for a website instantly. Quality is not a question, as this site officially works in conjunction with the Google algorithm to get you the most clear and accurate page rank results. An added perk to PR Checker is the button widget you can add to your site to display your site’s page rank actively to visitors as they see your homepage. You have to have a good PR to begin with, but beyond that – it’s a nice piece of bragging transparency. PR Checker will even get you the HTML to embed their PR Checker tool on your site. This means folks can use the tool for free, to check any site, without leaving yours. That’s good for business. PRchecker is on the top our our free SEO tools list for its importancy.

Google Adwords Keyword Tool :


It’s completely fair to recognize that there is more than one search engine out there, and Google is just one of several search engines people may use. But, to be honest – Google is the number one search engine out there, so it’s only logical that they provide the absolute best free keyword analysis tool available.While you do notice the phrase “Google Adwords” in the tools’ name, this little baby is highly valuable for organic and paid search.

The Google keyword tool will prompt you to enter a keyword or phrase, and will then return valuable metrics of search volume for each term – including total searches, or filtered searches by factors like geographic region for example. If that’s not enough reason to use this tool, how about the fact that the Google keyword tool will also return hundreds of related keyword ideas in respect to the term you enter for the search! This will help you find variation SEO terms you didn’t even know existed, while optimizing the opportunities you have. Other benefits include “competition level” for each term, and keyword group ideas. If you’re not taking advantage already, you need to explore the Google Adwords Keyword Tool!

Craft Keys :


Craft Keys is a very comprehensive (and totally free!) tool set that will give you tons of data to analyze search terms. Truthfully, there’s almost too many to list – but to here’s just a brief overview of a few of the benefits Craft Keys has to offer. Type a domain URL into Craft Keys’ search bar, and the tool will automatically return an itemized list of all of the first position keywords the site has, top landing pages, keywords that are newly ranked for the site, advertising opportunities for outside entities, and much more. You can also compare different websites with side by side data, seeing competition or lack of competition. Give Craft Keys a try, and you’ll see that it’s anything but a waste of your time.

Compete :

compete will give you metrics for any URL you enter, including traffic, etc. However, by far the best part about compete is the in depth ability to compare or “compete” two or more websites against each other. This will return all the data in perfect tandem, giving a nice snapshot of how two sites compare. Whether you’re looking for competitors to go after, or comparing your own site – is a great place to start. Best of all, even if you don’t know what sites to compare for your URL and industry, compete will locate and list relevant industry sites by default! This is the kind of robot you want looking out for your back! Did I mention that these features are completely free?

SEO Moz – Open Site Explorer :


Aside from possibly the Google Adwords Keyword Tool, Open Site Explorer is possibly the most well known free SEO tools available. is an industry leader in SEO strategy and analysis in general, so you know their data is absolutely reliable. That said, how does Open Site Explorer (OSE) differentiate itself from other free SEO tools to be one of the best?

The answer is links analysis. When you search a domain in OSE, not only will you get a “Domain Authority” and “Page Authority,” which are similar to Google’s Page Rank – you’ll also get extremely accurate data about the number of links to the domain, linking root domains, and outbound links. This is the kind of data that can take you beyond simple metric analysis, and let you get your hands dirty with one by one link hunting. See exactly who’s linking to your competition and pursue those relationships! If your competition is linking out to a site, maybe you should too?

Review :

The fact is, with almost all great free tools like these, there’s going to be some kind of “pro option” that get’s you “even better” data for some kind of monthly fee. That’s fine, and maybe you or your business does want this option. However, I wouldn’t have put them on this list if they weren’t fantastic tools all even with the limited free option. So check these out, and make sure that you’re getting the best free analysis that there is out there!

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