What 2013 Means to the SEO Industry ?

What 2013 means to the SEO industry; So the New Year is finally upon us, the world did not end and we are going to have to face up to the realities of our continued existences, whatever they might be.

For those working in the SEO industry, this means putting into action the plans that you hope will bring your sites success over the coming 12 months.

Content :

When it comes to content, what are the trends and tips that will actually help webmasters to improve the organic rank of their pages and give the competition a tougher time of things in 2013?

Christina Zila, writing an article for Search Engine Watch, suggested five points that she believes will play a big role this year in terms of content and with Google’s continual algorithm tweaks impacting the effectiveness of other SEO techniques, it looks like content will once again be king.

One point which she makes that has been reiterated by other insiders is that the quality of content will need to go beyond the simple things like grammar and spelling. Instead, sites will be looking for writers who are not only competent at constructing a sentence, but also possessing expertise in a particular area, so that there is real value and quality on display.

This should improve levels of user engagement and provide sites with fresh avenues of optimisation, which do not rely solely on link building.

Branding :

Zila also believes that sites will need to think more about the voice and the branding which is exhibited within the content. The days of generic, bland text being sufficient are over, which means that the use of a unique authorial tone which fits in with a consistent presentation of a site, will necessarily take its place.

This is largely due to the fact that there is simply so much competition out there that sites need to work hard in order to stand out from the crowd. Just having solid if uninspiring content is no longer enough, because everyone else will be similarly equipped.

Link Building :

Link building is still going to be an important SEO tool in 2013, although the approach that sites must now take requires content that is not only expertly crafted, but also of a greater length and endowed with more depth and subtlety.

This bleeds into the idea of brand-building, but is also a great way to secure better conversion rates and generally enhance your ability to build relationships with clients and other sites.

Getting your content out there in 2013 will require an even greater focus on social media, particularly now that search engines are paying more attention to these platforms more than ever before.

Content creators will need to package their products with pre-written promotional material which makes it easy to tweet and otherwise share via social media.

Summary :

In turn, webmasters will need to embrace these platforms, along with the idea that integrating sharing tools and multimedia elements with standard content will also help to give them the edge.

2013 will have its share of successes and failures, but now is the time to put the work in, so that you can join the former group and improve SEO.

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