When will be the 2nd PageRank update by Google in 2013?

You are probably wondering whent will be the second Google PageRank actually? It sounds a little bit like Google have instigated a second PageRank system. However, this is not the case. Google issues information on some of its search engine updates.

Last year it published for over thirty updates, however it seems that Google often undergoes updates that are not published. So far they have issued four updates per year on the PageRank system.

The four updates per year on the PageRank system : 

On the fourth of February they published their first update for the PageRank system. Now people are wondering when the next PageRank update will be. This is the topic of this article.

When will be the 2nd PageRank update by Google in 2013?

The first page rank update was conduct on 4 February 2013. Google conduct page rank update on every third or fourth month.Google rolled out first PR update on last 4th of February, but this time Google did not update on within expected time. Some sources claiming that the update should roll out PR from 25 July to 15 August but again it did not roll out. Its October and there is no page rank, it seems like Google is dropping Pagerank system, nut if it is not true then this should roll out in between 12 November to 30 December.

The reason that so many people care about the update? 

This is because some bloggers take their PageRank very seriously. They keep a lookout for the next update because they know that their blog may rise or fall in search engine results. They keep a lookout for this, and when it occurs they try to do something about it. They will first find out what the parameters are for the update and what they should do to fix the problem if their blog fell in the search engine results pages.

What does a high PageRank mean?

If you have a high PageRank then it means that your blog or your website is very search engine friendly. This means that your blog or website is more likely to rise up through the search engine results pages.

This will often mean more traffic, and will certainly mean that your blog or your website is going to be crawled more often by the Google search bots and crawlers. This is why people are eager to find out when the next Google PageRank update will be.

There are lots of blogs online : 

There are millions of blogs on the Internet, and blogging is still a big part of the Internet, as there were millions created at the beginning of this year alone. Some people want their pages to be ranked by the PageRank system and so the next update is important to them.

The Penguin made an impact the last time : 

The most recent scare that most bloggers had was the big Penguin update. When it came out it caused a lot of people to lose their search engine rankings near the top of the results, and many other blogs and websites moved in to replace them.

The Penguin has been updated quite a few times since, because people are still finding ways of abusing and manipulating the system. People were still posting poor quality content and getting away with it, and people who were posting high quality and unique content were still being left to fester at the nether end of the search engine results.

The updates on the Penguin update have helped to put a stop to this, and the people who were playing by the rules suddenly found that their PageRank was increasing too.

When is the second PageRank update coming ? 

Only the people at Google can truly know the answer, but people are looking at previous years and making assumptions about this year. Last year the update was issued on the 30th of March. So, a lot of people are jumping to the conclusion (rightly or wrongly) that the next update is going to be around that time too.

Some people believe that it will be between the 27th of June and the 6th of July. Again, their reasons for this belief are based upon previous year’s updates. However, we cannot be sure if Google are working on the same schedule. We cannot even predict if they are going to issue 4 updates this year. They may issue 2 or 5, we simply do not know.

It is a good idea to protect yourself from the Penguin : 

The link between PageRank and what happened when the Penguin update was released has lead people to assume that if they abide by Penguin even harder, that their PageRank will improve, or at least stay the same when the next Google PageRank update occurs.

If this is the case then you should start by removing any of your spam backlinks. If you have low quality content then you should remove it from your website or blog. Better still, you should update and rewrite the content so that it is of a high quality, and then you should place it back on the same URL. This will help protect you against the next PageRank update and will maintain any SEO value that the URL had.


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    Great post Prashant! I definitely think that the PageRank update has been delayed due to Google changing up their algorithms. I think we will have to wait until early to mid-July.

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