Why WordPress is a Great CMS for Most Sites

Why WordPress is a great CMS for most sites; When you decide to start a website one of the key decisions all webmasters need to make is what content management system (CMS for short) to deploy. There’s a range of great options like Joomla & Drupal, however in my opinion the best CMS for most websites to use is WordPress.

There’s a number of factors to take into account when choosing a CMS – performance, SEO, extendibility and design options – and WordPress has all bases covered. The fact that it is free is icing on the cake! So lets delve in to why it’s the best CMS.

1. SEO :

Out of the box WordPress is able to handle SEO really well. You have full control over your URLs, meta titles and description tags. Typically the sites are well structured, with a clear and concise link structure. All great in an SEO sense. The great thing in an SEO sense is the installation can be extended by utilizing plugins – a great one for example is the SEO Plugin for WordPress by Yoast. This gives you a lot more control over the technical elements. There’s plugins for XML sitemaps, robots.txt files and general on-page optimization  And they’re free!

2. Design :

The fact that WordPress is such a popular and widely used CMS means the after-market and third party support for themes and templates is absolutely huge. A quick search on Google will return thousands of theme directories, for people looking for both paid and free options. A good theme will typically set you back about $49 and really should provide a range of great functionality – image sliders, jQuery addons, extra widgets – all the stuff you need to really make your WordPress installation pop.

3. Extendability :

I touched on this before, but the basic WordPress installation is so attractive because there is a huge number of additional plugins that can be installed. Almost any conceivable extension is covered in the form of plugins – SEO, site performance, robots plugin, business directories, site performance – there are literally thousands of plugins to choose from.

4. Ease Of Use :

WordPress is simply easy to use. From posting new blog posts to setting up pages to installing plugins or even setting the installation on your server up yourself – it’s all really easy and intuitive to use. The backend of the CMS itself is great, with everything controlled via a main dashboard. Notifications are handy from the dashboard and you can perform all your maintenance on things like comments, emails and user generated content from this backend.

In summary I’ve tried to illustrate just why WordPress is probably the best choice you can make when choosing a CMS for your personal site. It’s free, it’s feature rich, it has great SEO functionality and can be extended with great looking themes. There’s really not much else you could want from your CMS!


About The Author : This article was written by Michael Costin, an SEO & digital marketing consultant from Sydney and author of “Why WordPress is a Great CMS for Most Sites” article.

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  1. Peter Loafer says:

    WordPress is just plain easy to use. There may be similar blog hosts like it, but it’s definitely still number one in popularity and easy navigation. It only takes a little bit of tutorial to get used to the functions.

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